Using money to reverse climate change

File uploaded by Paul Comet on Sep 17, 2014
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  • If money is accepted as promissory notes for alternative energy , and is issued and recycled through the local power and fuel supplies,(similar to ATP in a cell), sustainability and control of climate change  may have been achieved one city at a time. Each living cell or ecosystem “valorizes” energy by storing it as carbohydrates, proteins etc. The stored energy is mobilized for growth and the creation of new substances by & for its organelles. Something similar could be organized for any city.
  • Energy could monetized by the issuance of scrip redeemable in energy (Joules, Watts etc.) As long as the scrip circulates back to the power station or gas station to pay for more energy, the scrip could be used to purchase any local commodity made (or found) using alternative energy (similar to the role of ATP in a living cell).Gold is no different to cowry shells as disguising the fact that all money are merely “anthropological” tokens for energy (and hence all labor) in producing goods and services. Only water and salt , essential for life, remain outside this system.