Tobias Rogosch - Th17 cell frequency in peripheral blood from children with allergic asthma correlates with the level of asthma control.

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      Kerzel S, Dehne J, Rogosch T, Schaub B, Maier RF, Zemlin M.

      J   Pediatr. 2012 Dec;161(6):1172-4.

      doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2012.07.051


      Here we show that the frequency of T(H)17 cells   (CD3(+)CD4(+)CD161(+)CCR6(+) lymphocytes) is increased in   peripheral blood of children with allergic asthma. Moreover, we   found a significant relationship between the frequency of T(H)17   cells and level of asthma control, with reduced asthma control   correlated with a higher proportion of T(H)17 cells.

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