Ilayaperumal Pradeep - Ferrocenyl methylene units and copper(II) phenanthroline complex units anchored on branched poly(ethyleneimine) – DNA binding, antimicrobial and anticancer activity

Document created by Ilayaperumal Pradeep on Oct 25, 2014
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  Polymer conjugates containing copper(II)   phenanthroline complex units and ferrocenyl methylene units bound   to the same polymer backbone were synthesized and characterized   by spectroscopic and analytical techniques. We could observe both   the EPR spectrum for the paramagnetic copper(II)   units and the proton NMR spectrum due to the diamagnetic   ferrocenyl methylene units. Binding interaction of this complex   with calf thymus DNA (CT-DNA) has been investigated by   absorption, emission, cyclic voltammetry, and circular dichroism   studies. The complex displays significant binding properties to   the CT-DNA. In fluorimetric studies, the binding mode of the   complex with CT-DNA was investigated using ethidium bromide (EB)   as a fluorescence probe. The binding of copper(II)   complex units to DNA was facilitated by the presence of   ferrocenyl methylene units in the same polymer molecule. These   polymer conjugates show good anticancer activity against HepG2   cells and antimicrobial studies have shown better activity.

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