Ilayaperumal Pradeep - Synthesis, Characterization, and Conducting Properties of Poly(thiourea azomethines)

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    L. Ravikumar,   I. Pradeep,   T. Thangaiyan,   R. Mohan,     J.   Balachandran,                      Inter national Journal of Polymeric Mate rials, 61:288–299,   2012


    Three new polyazomethines having phenylthiourea groups were   synthesized through   solution polycondensation of terephthalaldehyde with 4,4     0-bis(thiourea)biphenyl   ether,   4,4   0-bis(thiourea)biphenylmethane,   and 4,4   0-bis(thiourea)biphenyl   sulphone. For comparison purposes, simple polyazomethines were   prepared by the polycondensation of   terephthalaldehyde with 4,4   0-diaminodiphenyl   ether, 4,4   0-diaminodiphenylmethane,     and 4,4   0-diaminodiphenyl   sulphone. Poly(imine)s having phenylthiourea groups were     characterized through IR and   1H-NMR   spectroscopic methods and the thermal stability   of the polymers were evaluated through TGA analysis. Conductivity   of polyaniline   synthesized in aqueous p-toluenesulfonic acid was found to be   3.83 Scm     1.   The conductivity of the polymeric blends with polyaniline dopped   with p-toluenesulfonic acid and   HCl (20   %   by weight) were found to be in the range 0.16     103       5.7     103     Scm1.

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