Arijit Das - Synthesis, crystal structure, and antifungal activity of a newly synthesized polymeric mixed ligand complex of Zn(II) with 1,1-dithiolate and nitrogen donors

Document created by Arijit Das on Nov 3, 2014
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  Journal of Coordination Chemistry,   2014,

  Taylor & Francis Publication, IF-2.221(2014)



  A new mixed ligand complex of Zn(II) with   1,1-dicyanoethylene-2,2-dithiolate [i-MNT2− = {S2C:C(CN)2}2−] and   1,3-diaminopropane as ligands has been synthesized and   characterized on the basis of spectroscopy and   single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Spectroscopic studies   and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis reveal that   the zinc(II) complex is tetrahedral and adopts a   1,3-diaminopropane assisted linear polymeric assembly. The   molar conductance data of the complex in DMF solution show   non-electrolytic nature. Biological screening effects of the   complex in vitro have been tested against five fungi   Synchitrium endobioticum, Pyricularia oryzae, Helminthosporium   oryzae,Candida albicans (ATCC10231), and Trichophyton   mentagrophytes by the disk diffusion method. A comparative   study of inhibition zone values of the primary ligand K2i-MNT·H2O   and its synthesized complex indicates that the complex   exhibits a fungistatic antifungal activity whereas   K2i-MNT·H2O does not affect P. oryzae.

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