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Bridging the Gap- YouTube Video Kick Off Meeting

26 Feb 2015 7:30-8:30 PM


In Attendance: Colleen Taylor, Kathleen Sink, Denise Walters



See below for the original concept developed at the 2014 ACS Leadership Conference.  Please note that I have not heard back


“The Virginia Section, Virginia Blue Ridge, and Carolina sections would partner together to jointly sponsor a contest for high school students to create a YouTube video highlighting an important chemistry concept or challenge.   Each student would be required to make a short YouTube video illustrating the theme.  The video link would then be submitted to the section contacts.  Judging would be based on accuracy of the science, creative presentation, and the number of likes that the student receives on the YouTube page.  This activity would reach out to young students in our sections. It would involve participants with the American Chemical Society, encourage students to creatively present on a chemistry related topic, and share chemistry with the rest of their network. Using the number of likes would encourage students to send the videos to all of their Facebook friends, spreading the message of chemistry to the next generation.  Representatives from each section would work together to judge the submissions and select first, second, and third place winners. The top videos would be shown at a joint webinar hosted at one site in each of the 3 regions, and the winners would be announced at the webinar. This contest would contribute to the ACS strategic goal of demonstrating to the public chemistry’s role in addressing the world’s challenges.  The money would be used for cash prizes for the top 3 students: $150 for first prize, $100 for second prize and $50 first prize.


A shortened version of this was submitted and approved.  The Virginia Section has received the $300.        


Currently we have 3 sections who have agreed to participate: Virginia, Virginia Blue Ridge and Virginia Tidewater.




We discussed the following items:


  1. Logistics- Problems accessing Pfizer Webex?  Using this as the way to connect all the sites if feasible.  Colleen had no issues connecting to the Webex.  Kathleen could connect by iphone.  It would probably be good to do a trial run at the target locations to make sure no one has issues.


  1. Timing- Write up on Constest Rules finalized and ready to send by April.  Will need a flyer.  Submissions by early October.  Awarding the winners: November 2015.  Separate event from November meeting. 


Action:  Denise will lock in November speaker location and date so that we can set date for this event around regular meeting.  Colleen will draft flyer. Kathleen will edit and give feedback on the flyer.


  1. Brainstorming- Can we link to program in a box,        Non-traditional Careers in Chemistry, ACS Webinar.  Can use anything (webinar or chemistry in a box posted in the last year).  Could we link into the theme of the National Meeting Theme, Earth Day Theme.  We will share with the rest of the team for feedback and try to agree on theme and limit the topic at the next meeting.


  1. Colleen has found a template that we can use as a rubric/template that can be revised for judging.  Could potentially fill out as survey.  Colleen will look for student poster judging rubric that can be adapted for our purpose.


  1. Colleen and Kathleen are creating a survey for mentors program which they intend to roll out in April.  They can use the same contacts for the mentees to contact people about the YouTube.   We will need to ask folks in the other two sections about their ideas to advertise within the section.


Post meeting note:  Jim Beck would also like for us to write up something for the bulletin. I don’t know if we can pull it together fast enough for the April bulletin or not.  It would be good if we could work that out.


  1. Length of you tube video- 10 minutes maximum
  2. List of judges-Committee will judge
  3. Criteria for judging
    1. # of YouTube likes
    2. Must reference back to ACS topic (webinar etc..)
    3. Ability to communicate complex topic in a simple form


  1. Colleen will start a project on the ACS site for this.  The site also has a chat feature.  You can have an overall group and private space as well.  It would be a good way for us to learn how to use the feature.


  1. Need to find out about release requirements.  Need to find out if the section/ACS National has a legal format for use of the video.  Denise will contact National and see if they have a form that we can use.


  1. Kathleen will see if someone in YCC would be willing to put together a YouTube video to advertise the contest.  We can like the video to demonstrate the number of likes.


  1. Host sites in each section to link into webinar to watch the top YouTube contests.  We will need someone in each section to identify a host site.
  2. Story for National website and local Facebook pages.-Tie in to theme might be helpful.  Might be good to tie into Earth Day to help with the luminary award.


  1. Location for presentation of the awards at the November Monthly meeting, or at separate meeting where top 3 are shown?  Montage of videos maybe something we could post on the section website.


  1. Follow up meeting in 2 weeks.  Tentative Sunday March 8th 7 PM.