Notes 8 March 2015 7:00-8:00 PM

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Bridging the Gap- YouTube Video

8 March 2015 7:00-8:00 PM


In Attendance:   Denise Walters, Joe Pompano, Jim Ciszewski



We discussed the following items:


  1. Logistics- Pfizer Webex is acceptable format to show the video – Tom Devore- Joe will contact him as our student affiliate chair. Kathleen is reaching out to students as well through YCC.


  1. Date: November 2015.  Separate event from monthly meeting, but will present prize money at November montly meeting



  1. Denise has not set date yet for regular meeting. Tentative location Mary Washington College. Waiting for confirmation and acceptable dates. Proposed either 13th or 20th for monthly meeting.


Action Item for Denise- Follow up on November Meeting.

  1. Conisder aligning timing with National Chemistry Week: Chemistry Colors our World:  The Chemistry of Dyes, Chemistry and Light
  2. Align timing with chemistry week/of Oct 18th
  3. Talk with Christine to involve her group


  1. Guidelines:
    1. ACS members- Denise will check ACS website student status. Undergraduates
    2. Theme- Chemistry Week theme
    3. Topics aligned with theme
    4. Rules- minimum 5 min max 10 min
    5. Rubric for ranking Denise will send out Colleen’s rubric for revision to fit theme.


  1. Timing- Write on Constest Rules finalized and ready to send by April.  Will need a flyer.  Submissions by early October.  Awarding the winners: November 2015.  Separate event from November meeting. 


Post meeting note:  Jim Beck would also like for us to write up something for the bulletin. I don’t know if we can pull it together fast enough for the April bulletin or not.  It would be good if we could work that out.  Will just send a copy of the flyer to Jim as a flyer.


  1. List of judges-Committee will judge
  2. Criteria for judging
    1. # of YouTube likes
    2. Must reference back to ACS topic 
    3. Ability to communicate complex topic in a simple form
    4. Scientifically Accurate
  3. Can we get this in C&E news?  We will send final version to Jim, he will see if we can get it printed in C&E news.


  1. Colleen will start a project on the ACS site for this.  The site also has a chat feature.  You can have an overall group and private space as well.  It would be a good way for us to learn how to use the feature.


Will follow up to see if she has set this up yet.


  1. Need to find out about release requirements.  Need to find out if the section/ACS National has a legal format for use of the video.  Denise will contact National and see if they have a form that we can use. Contact same person as for logo.


  1. Kathleen will see if someone in YCC would be willing to put together a YouTube video to advertise the contest.  We can like the video to demonstrate the number of likes.


  1. Host sites in each section to link into webinar to watch the top YouTube contests.  We will need someone in each section to identify a host site.


  1. Story for National website and local Facebook pages.-Tie in to theme might be helpful.  Might be good to tie into Earth Day to help with the luminary award.


  1. Location for presentation of the awards at the November Monthly meeting, or at separate meeting where top 3 are shown?  Montage of videos maybe something we could post on the section website.


  1. Contact Janet Asper @ Mary Washington with idea and involvement.


Priorities:  1) Due Date, 2) Date to announce winner, 3)flyer, 4)rubric,


Is there a way to put all the youtube videos all on one location?- Joe will look into this and if he has trouble will ask for a youtube wizard.


  1. Follow up meeting in 2 weeks.  Tentative Sunday March 15th 7 PM.