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BioSUCCEED: AnInstructional Platform for Biomass & Bioenergy

LucianA. Lucia,1 Martin A. Hubbe,1Stephen S. Kelley,1 Richard A. Venditti,1 Hasan Jameel,1Ilari Filpponen,1 Xiaodong Cao,1 Keith A. Schimmel,2& Timothy G. Rials3



1Departmentof Forest Biomaterials (Wood & Paper Science), North Carolina StateUniversity, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695

2Departmentof Chemical Engineering, North Carolina Agricultural & Mechanical StateUniversity, Greensboro, North Carolina 27411

3ForestProducts Center, University of Tennessee-Agricultural Campus, Knoxville,Tennessee 37996


OnJanuary 31st, 2006, President Bush directed the attention of the USand the world to the looming specter of diminishing petroleum reserves and theimplicit threat of an oppressive downward economic spiral.  He called for biofuels from ethanol from woodchips, stalks, switchgrass to be “practical and competitive” by 2012 to avert apotential economic crisis.  He said, “Wemust replace more than 75 percent of Middle East oil imports by 2025.”  Current President Obama is upholding thisinitiative by calling for the production of 50 billion gallons of bioethanol bythat time.

It wason the heels of Bush’s request that NC State University, NC Agricultural &Mechanical State University, and the University of Tennessee-AgriculturalCampus began to map out for USDA a teaching and research platform that wouldhelp to address in a small way the spirit of the Bush Administrationagenda.  A research program, BioSUCCEED (Bio-products Sustainability,a University Cooperative Center for Excellence in EDucation) was enthusiastically funded later that same year by USDAand thus began our odyssey in learning and exploring the unique potential andpower of biomass (see  We decided to harness the teaching &research efforts of our respective schools to promote the creation anddissemination of teaching modules in the form of open access, freely availablePowerPoint slides.  These modules wouldserve to pique the interest of the general public and serve the needs of thosedirectly working in the growing area of biomass & bioenergy research &development.