Megan Maurer - An improved UHPLC-UV method for separation and quantification of carotenoids in vegetable crops

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    Maurer, M. M., Mein, J. R., Chaudhuri, S. K., & Constant, H.   L. (2014). An improved UHPLC-UV method for separation and   quantification of carotenoids in vegetable   crops. Food   chemistry165,   475-482.




    Carotenoid identification and quantitation is critical for the   development of improved nutrition plant varieties. Industrial   analysis of carotenoids is typically carried out on multiple   crops with potentially thousands of samples per crop, placing   critical needs on speed and broad utility of the analytical   methods. Current chromatographic methods for carotenoid analysis   have had limited industrial application due to their low   throughput, requiring up to 60 min for complete separation   of all compounds. We have developed an improved UHPLC-UV method   that resolves all major carotenoids found in broccoli   (Brassica   oleracea L.   var. italica),   carrot (Daucus   carota),   corn (Zea   mays),   and tomato (Solanum   lycopersicum).   The chromatographic method is completed in 13.5 min allowing   for the resolution of the 11 carotenoids of interest, including   the structural isomers lutein/zeaxanthin and   α-/β-carotene. Additional   minor carotenoids have also been separated and identified with   this method, demonstrating the utility of this method across   major commercial food crops.

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