Megan Maurer - Advances in ion mobility-mass spectrometry instrumentation and techniques for characterizing structural heterogeneity

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    Megan MMaurer ,   Gregory C. Donohoe,   and Stephen J. Valentine*. "Advances in Ion Mobility-Mass   Spectrometry Instrumentation and Techniques for Characterizing   Structural Heterogeneity." Analyst (2015). DOI:   10.1039/C5AN00922G   †Co-authors


  Over the last decade, the field of ion mobility-mass spectrometry   (IM-MS) has experienced dramatic growth in its application toward   ion structure characterization. Enabling advances in   instrumentation during this time period include improved   conformation resolution and ion sensitivity. Such advances have   rendered IM-MS a powerful approach for characterizing samples   presenting a diverse array of ion structures. The structural   heterogeneity that can be interrogated by IM-MS techniques now   ranges from samples containing mixtures of small molecules   exhibiting a variety of structural types to those containing very   large protein complexes and subcomplexes. In addition to this   diversity, IM-MS techniques have been used to probe spontaneous   and induced structural transformations occurring in solution or   the gas phase. To support these measurement efforts, significant   advances have been made in theoretical methods aimed at   translating IM-MS data into structural information. These efforts   have ranged from providing more reliable trial structures for   comparison to the experimental measurements to dramatically   reducing the time required to calculate collision cross sections   for such structures. In this short review, recent advances in   developments in IM-MS instrumentation, techniques, and theory are   discussed with regard to their implications for characterization   of gas- and solution-phase structural heterogeneity.

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