Alexander Pulis - Intramolecular B/N frustrated Lewis pairs and the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide

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    Chem.   Commun. 2015, 51,   9797-9800 

    M. -A. Courtemanche, A.   P. Pulis, É. Rochette, M. -A. Légaré, D. W. Stephan, F.   -G. Fontaine

    DOI: 10.1039/C5CC03072B


    The FLP species 1-BR2-2-NMe2-C6H4 (R   = 2,4,6-Me3C6H21,   2,4,5-Me3C6H22)   reacts with H2 in   sequential hydrogen activation and protodeborylation reactions to   give (1-BH2-2-NMe2-C6H4)23.   While 1 reacts   with H2/CO2 to   give formyl, acetal and   methoxy-derivatives, 2 reacts   with H2/CO2to   give C6H4(NMe2)(B(2,4,5-Me3C6H2)O)2CH24.   The mechanism of CO2 reduction   is considered.

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