Sunghwan Kim - Ultraviolet absorption spectra, structure, vibrations, and theoretical calculations of 2-fluoro- and 3-fluoropyridine in their electronic excited states

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  P. Boopalachandran, S.   Kim, J. Choo, and J. Laane;

  Chemical Physics Letters,   2011514, 214.



  The ultraviolet absorption spectra of 2-fluoropyridine (2FPy) and   3-fluoropyridine (3FPy) vapors have been collected and assigned.   For 2FPy about 150 bands were observed for the transitions to the   vibronic levels of the S(π, π) state at 38 030.4 cm-1. Both   single quantum jump transitions to A′ states and double quantum   jumps transitions involving A″ modes were observed allowing most   of the vibrational frequencies in the excited state to be   identified. For 3FPy more than a hundred absorption bands   associated with the S(nπ) state at 35 051.7 cm-1 and about 40   broad bands associated with the S(π, π) state at 37 339 cm-1 were   observed. The experimental work was complemented by ab initio   calculations.


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