Sunghwan Kim - PUG-SOAP and PUG-REST: web services for programmatic access to chemical information in PubChem

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  S. Kim, P.A.   Thiessen, E.E. Bolton and S.H. Bryant;

  Nucleic Acids Resesarch, 2015, 43,   W605.



  PubChem ( is a public repository   for information on chemical substances and their biological   activities, developed and maintained by the US National   Institutes of Health (NIH). PubChem contains more than 180   million depositor-provided chemical substance descriptions, 60   million unique chemical structures and 225 million bioactivity   assay results, covering more than 9000 unique protein target   sequences. As an information resource for the chemical biology   research community, it routinely receives more than 1 million   requests per day from an estimated more than 1 million unique   users per month. Programmatic access to this vast amount of data   is provided by several different systems, including the US   National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)'s Entrez   Utilities (E-Utilities or E-Utils) and the PubChem Power User   Gateway (PUG)—a common gateway interface (CGI) that exchanges   data through eXtended Markup Language (XML). Further simplifying   programmatic access, PubChem provides two additional general   purpose web services: PUG-SOAP, which uses the simple object   access protocol (SOAP) and PUG-REST, which is a Representational   State Transfer (REST)-style interface. These interfaces can be   harnessed in combination to access the data contained in PubChem,   which is integrated with the more than thirty databases available   within the NCBI Entrez system.


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