Vahid Jabbari - Synthesis and characterization of composite polysulfone membranes for desalination in nanofiltration technique

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  Water Science & Technology—WST Vol 62 No 11 pp   2655–2663


  Composite nanofiltration (NF) membrane was developed polyacrylic   acid (PAA) in situ UV graft polymerization process using   ultrafiltration (UF) polysulfone (PSF) membrane as porous   support. FT-IR spectra indicated that grafting was performed and   it show peaks at 1,732 cm-1 and   3,396 cm-1 region for CO and OH starching bond of   acrylic acid (AA) monomer, respectively. AFM microscopy showed   the roughness of surface was reduced by increase of UV   irradiation times. Effect of irradiation time on the grafting of   acrylic acid (AA) in the same concentration was discussed. The   salts rejection increase was accompanied with grafting of   polysulfone (PSF) ultrafiltration (UF) membrane. The rejection of   Na2SO4, MgSO4, NaCl and   CaCl2 salts by PSF-grafted-PAA nanofiltration (NF)   membrane was in 98, 60, 52 and 30% respectively, under   0.3 MPa.

  Address (URL): doi:10.2166/wst.2010.512