Christophe Coperet - Solid-Phase Polarization Matrixes for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization from Homogeneously Distributed Radicals in Mesostructured Hybrid Silica Materials

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      Gajan, David, Schwarzwälder, Martin, Conley, Matthew P., Grüning,   Wolfram R., Rossini, Aaron J., Zagdoun, Alexandre, Lelli, Moreno,   Yulikov, Maxim, Jeschke, Gunnar, Sauvée, Claire, Ouari, Olivier,   Tordo, Paul, Veyre, Laurent, Lesage, Anne, Thieuleux, Chloé,   Emsley, Lyndon, Copéret, Christophe Journal of the American   Chemical Society 2013 135 (41)   15459-15466


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