Ebrahim Abouzari-Lotf - Highly refractive, transparent, and solution processable polyamides based on a noncoplanar ortho-substituted sulfonyl-bridged diacid monomer containing chlorine side groups

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  Kiani, H., Nasef, M.M., Javadi, A., Abouzari-Lotf, E., Nemati, F.   20 (9) -

  Abstract: A novel ortho-substituted   sulfonyl-bridged diacid monomer (DA-SO 2) containing flexible   methylene and ether linkages and chlorine side groups was   synthesized. A series of new organic-soluble polyamides (PAs)   bearing flexible linkages and bulky sulfonyl moieties were   synthesized from DA-SO2 and various commercially available   aromatic diamines (1-5) via a direct polycondensation method with   triphenyl phosphite and pyridine. The resulting polymers were   obtained in high yields and possessed inherent viscosities in the   range of 0.30-0.85 dL g-1. All of the polymers were amorphous in   nature, exhibited excellent solubility and could be easily   dissolved in amide-type polar aprotic solvents (e.g.,   N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, dimethyl sulfoxide,   N,N-dimethylacetamide, and dimethylformamide), and even dissolved   in less polar solvents (e.g., tetrahydrofuran, pyridine, and   acetone). They showed good thermal stability with glass   transition temperatures between 172 and 235°C and 10 % weight   loss temperatures in excess of 401°C in nitrogen and 380°C in air   atmosphere. The flexible structure endowed the PA films with good   optical transparency. The optical transmittances of the PA films   at 450 nm were higher than 90 % for the thickness of   approximately 10 μm. The combination of the chlorine and sulfonyl   groups as well as the flexible methylene and ether linkages   provided PAs with high average refractive indices (nav) of   1.7069-1.7245 and low birefringences (Δn) of 0.0061-0.0073 at   632.8 nm. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media.

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