Ebrahim Abouzari-Lotf - Spectrophotometric study of complexation of Tri-Aza dibenzosulfide and dibenzosulfoxide macrocyclic compounds with heavy metal ions

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  Mozaffari, S., Chaloosi, M., Divsar, F., Abouzari-Lotf, E.,   Bavili, S.T., Yousefi, A., Shockravi, A. 182 (10)   2439-2448

  Abstract: The complexation reactions between   7,10,13-triaza-1-thia-4,16-dioxa-20,24-   dimethyl-2,3;17,18-dibenzo-cyclooctadecane-6,14-dione (TTD) and   7,10,13-triaza-1-sulfoxo-4,16-dioxa-20,24-dimethyl-2,3;17,18-dibenzo-   cyclooctadecane-6,14-dione (TSD) macrocycles with Ag+, Cd2+,   Cu2+, Pb2+, Sr2+, Tl+, and Zn2+ ions have been studied in ethanol   and methanol solutions at 25C. The complexes formed between   macrocycles (TTD) and (TSD) with these metals cations had a   stiochiometry of 1:1 and 1:2, respectively. The stability   constants of the resulting complexes were determined and found to   decrease in the order Cu2+ Zn2+ Ag+ Tl+ Cd2+ Pb2+ Sr2+ with   macrocycle (TTD) and Tl+ Zn2+ Cd2+ Pb2+ Cu2+ Ag+ Sr2+ with   macrocycle (TSD).

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