Marcin Budny - Synthesis of an all-cis intermediate of ticagrelor

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      Joanna Włodarczyk, Andrzej Wolan, Marcin Rakowiecki, Mariusz Jan   Bosiak, Marcin Budny, Tetrahedron Letters, 2015, 6093-6096.


      A six step conversion of the common carbocyclic nucleoside   precursor 8 into the all-cis key intermediate for the synthesis   of ticagrelor analogs is reported. The method involves two   oxidation/stereoselective reduction sequences for both the CAO   and CAN bonds. Inversion of stereochemistry was confirmed by   analysis of spin couplings between the hydrogens at the junction   of the 1,3-dioxolane and cyclopentane rings.

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