Diane Dickie - Something old and something new: Evolving ligand constructs for f-element ion recognition.

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  Rosario-Amorin, Daniel, Ouizem, Sabrina, Dickie, Diane A., Hay,   Benjamin P., Podair, Julien, Delmau, Laetitia H., Paine, Robert   T. NUCL-33-

  Abstract: Over the last thirty years, numerous   groups worldwide have been engaged in expansive ligand design   activities stimulated by a very diverse range of fundamental and   applied science objectives. In particular, several groups have   sought to discover new ligand constructs that reveal unique   features in the coordination chem. of f-element cations and   subsequently provide for improved sepns. and/or detection methods   for these tech. important elements. Contributing to these   efforts, we have used a combination of computational mol.   modeling, org. ligand syntheses, f-element coordination chem.,   spectroscopy, X-ray crystallog. and solvent extn. analyses to   support development of new f-element selective multidonor-site   ligands and to identify electronic and architectural features   that impact ligand/f-element ion chelation events operating in   solvent extn. processes. In this presentation, the evolution of a   new family of ligands based upon pyridine and pyridine N-oxide   platforms decorated with phosphine oxide and amide groups will be   described, and the coordination chem. and extn. performance of   selected ligands will be discussed and compared against other   well studied extractants. [on SciFinder(R)]

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