Diane Dickie - Zwitterionic CS2 Adducts of Bis(dialkylphosphino)amines: Syntheses, Spectroscopy, and Structures.

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  Dickie, Diane A., Ulibarri-Sanchez, Raymond P., Kemp, Richard A.   Australian Journal of Chemistry 68 (3) 351-356

  Abstract: Both bis(diisopropylphosphino)amine   and bis(di-t-butylphosphino)amine react with CS2 to give bright   red zwitterionic adducts of the form R2P(CS2)NP(R2)H (R = iPr or   tBu). The P-H tautomer is the exclusive species present in soln.,   and there is no evidence of CS2 lability. The tautomeric hydrogen   can undergo exchange with deuterium in protic solvents such as   CD3OD. The products were characterized by single-crystal X-ray   diffraction, IR and multinuclear (1H, 2H, 13C, 31P) NMR   spectroscopies. [on SciFinder(R)]

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