Diane Dickie - Synthesis, selected coordination chemistry and extraction behavior of a (phosphinoylmethyl)pyridyl N-oxide-functionalized ligand based upon a 1,4-diazepane platform.

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  Ouizem, Sabrina, Rosario Amorin, Daniel, Dickie, Diane A.,   Cramer, Roger E., Campana, Charles F., Hay, Benjamin P., Podair,   Julien, Delmau, Laetitia H., Paine, Robert T. Polyhedron  97 20-29

  Abstract: Syntheses for the new multidentate   chelating ligands   ((6,6'-((1,4-diazepane-1,4-diyl)bis(methylene))bis(pyridine-6,2-diyl))bis(methy lene))bis(diphenylphosphine   oxide) (2) and   6,6'-((1,4-diazepane-1,4-diyl)bis(methylene))bis(2-((diphenylphosphoryl)methyl) pyridine   1-oxide) (3), based upon a 1,4-diazepane platform functionalized   with 2-(diphenylphosphinoylmethyl)pyridine P-oxide and   2-(diphenylphosphinoylmethyl)pyridine N,P-dioxide fragments,   resp., are reported. Results from the coordination chem. of the   ligands with selected lanthanide nitrates and Cu(BF4)2 are   outlined, and crystal structures for two complexes, [Cu(2)](BF4)2   and [Cu(3)](BF4)2, are described along with survey Eu(III) and   Am(III) solvent extn. anal., for 3. [on SciFinder(R)]

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