Diane Dickie - Interactions of CO2 and related heteroallenes with main group complexes.

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  Dickie, Diane A., Kemp, Richard A. SWRM-208-

  Abstract: Our group has a long-standing interest   in using earth-abundant, main group metal complexes to help   facilitate the conversion of CO2 and related heteroallenes to   useful org. compds. This talk will focus on our recent results   investigating the fundamental interactions of CO2 and related   mols. with these main group complexes, with a goal of   understanding the unexpected reactivity results that we have   seen. As part of our interest, we are also examg. the   incorporation of CO2 into various ligand structures to chem.   sequester CO2 as an alternative to phys. sequestration processes.   Electrochem. redn. of these main group-CO2 adducts have also led   to useful pathways to produce CO from CO2. [on SciFinder(R)]

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