Diane Dickie - Low-Coordinate Iron(II) Complexes of a Bulky Bis(carbene)borate Ligand.

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  Lee, Wei-Tsung, Jeon, Ie-Rang, Xu, Song, Dickie, Diane A., Smith,   Jeremy M. Organometallics 33 (20) 5654-5659

  Abstract: The bulky bis(carbene)borate ligand   H2B(tBuIm)2- allows for the synthesis of three- and   four-coordinate iron(II) complexes, including heteroleptic   H2B(tBuIm)2FeN(TMS)2 and homoleptic [H2B(tBuIm)2]2Fe. The   magnetic properties of these coordinatively unsatd. complexes   have been characterized by SQUID magnetometry, but no evidence of   single-mol. magnet behavior is obsd., despite large neg. uniaxial   zero field splitting. The three-coordinate complex   H2B(tBuIm)2FeN(TMS)2 serves as a precursor for the synthesis of   the four-coordinate mixed carbene complex   H2B(tBuIm)2(iPr2Im)FeCl, which has a coordination environment   similar to that found in tris(carbene)borate iron(II) chloride   complexes. Despite this similarity, attempts to prep. the   corresponding iron(IV) nitride were unsuccessful, suggesting that   subtle structural factors are crit. to stabilizing this species.   [on SciFinder(R)]

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