Diane Dickie - Facilitated conversions of CO2 using earth abundant metals.

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  Dickie, Diane A., Donovan, Elizabeth S., Barry, Brian M., Larsen,   Christopher A., Kemp, Richard A. SWRM-532-

  Abstract: Gaseous CO2 is a somewhat "useless"   chem. that contributes neg. to global climate change, and efforts   are underway worldwide in numerous labs. to search for   opportunities to use CO2 as a C1 synthon in the prepn. of more   useful org. mols. Our group has a long-standing interest in using   inexpensive and plentiful main group metal compds. to help   facilitate this process, and recently we have expanded our work   to include the earth abundant transition metals. This talk will   focus on the fundamental interactions of CO2 with these metal   complexes, and we will rationalize some of the unexpected and   exciting results that we have seen. While the activation of CO2   via formation of intermediate "adducts" with the metal complexes   along the route to form more interesting and/or valuable org.   mols. will be the primary topic of discussion, we will also show   results of the insertion of CO2 to form new ligands as we attempt   new pathways to chem. sequester CO2. [on SciFinder(R)]

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