Diane Dickie - NH/PH Tautomerism and an air stable frustrated Lewis pair system for carbon dioxide capture.

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  Barry, Brian, Dickie, Diane A., Kemp, Richard A., Murphy, Luke   J., Clyburne, Jason A. INOR-285-

  Abstract: Bis(dialkylphosphino)amines HN(PR2) 1   are reliable precursors to the monoanionic   bis(dialkylphosphino)amido ligand [N(PR2)2]. This ligand is   ambidentate, and is known to bond in a variety of modes with   either transition metal or lanthanide and actinides compds. The   coordination chem. of this important ligand class with main group   elements is not as explored extensively and our group has been   successful in using these ligands to prep. novel tin contg.   compds. that react with carbon dioxide.   Bis(dialkylphosphino)amines HN(PR2)2 have the ability to engage   in tautermerization reaction generating a phosphorane 2 . Here we   report the use of 1 to prep. an stable frustrated Lewis pair   system capable of reacting with carbon dioxide. [on SciFinder(R)]

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