Diane Dickie - A New Hybrid CMPO/NOPOPO Ligand: Synthesis and Selected Lanthanide Coordination Chemistry.

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  Rosario-Amorin, Daniel, Dickie, Diane A., Wen, Yufeng, Paine,   Robert T. Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related   Elements 188 (1-3) 100-105

  Abstract: A two-step synthesis for   2,6-bis[(diphenyl)-N,N-diethylcarbamoylmethylphosphine   oxide]pyridine N-oxide (3) from   2,6-bis[(diphenylphosphinoyl)methyl]pyridine is reported along   with coordination chem. with Dy(III) and Yb(III). Crystal   structure detns. for the ligand (3S,S) and 1:1   [Dy(3R,S)(NO3)3]·(Me2CO) and [Yb(3R,S)(NO3)3]·(Me2CO) are   described. In these complexes, the pentafunctional ligand   coordinates in a tridentate NOPOPO chelate mode. [on   SciFinder(R)]

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