Diane Dickie - Stereoelectronic effects in four coordinate Fe(II) alkyl-aryl phosphoraniminato complexes on spin crossover.

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      Lin, Hsiu-Jung, Dickie, Diane, Smith, Jeremy. INOR-836-

      Abstract: We have previously reported that the   four coordinate complex PhB(MesIm)3Fe-N=PPh3, where PhB(MesIm)3 =   phenyltris(1-mesitylimidazol-2-ylidene)borate, undergoes S=0/S=2   spin crossover at low temp. In order to investigate   steroelectronic effects of the phosphoraniminato ligands on spin   crossover behavior, a series of related alkyl-aryl   phosphoraniminato complexes, PhB(MesIm)3Fe-N=PR3 (R=Ph or Me) has   been synthesized and characterized. Their spin crossover behavior   was investigated through variable temp. magnetic measurements.   Moreover, Tc of these complexes is solvent-dependent. [on   SciFinder(R)]

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