Diane Dickie - Iron nitrides in nitrogen atom transfer to unsaturated hydrocarbons.

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      Subedi, Deepak, Scepaniak, Jeremiah, Dickie, Diane, Smith, Jeremy   M. INOR-342-

      Abstract: The tris(carbene)borate iron(IV)   nitrides, PhB(RIm)3FeN 1 (R=tBu) and 2 (R=Mes), undergo nitrogen   atom transfer to various unsatd. hydrocarbons(e.g. Alkenes,   alkynes, dienes) yielding N-heterocyclic complexes. In the case   of alkene substrates, iron(II) aziridino complexes are formed.   Mechanistic investigations suggest a stepwise pathway, for which   the steric and electronic effects were probed with a range of   styrenes. Different nitrogen atom sources were used to explore   the possibility of catalytic aziridine formation by 1 and 2 . [on   SciFinder(R)]

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