David G. Calatayud - Synthesis of metastable Bi6Ti5WO22 phase by the mechanochemical method

Document created by David G. Calatayud on Nov 26, 2015
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  Jardiel, Teresa, Calatayud, David G., Rodríguez, Mónica,   Fernández-Hevia, Daniel, Caballero, Amador C. Materials   Letters 2013 94 58-60

  Abstract: Mechanochemical processing has been   demonstrated as a powerful tool for preparing metastable phases.   In this work we have successfully applied it to synthesize a   novel Bi6Ti5WO22 phase belonging to the Bi2O3–TiO2–WO3 ternary   system. Attempts to obtain this phase by a solid state reaction   method as well as by chemical precipitation have failed,   confirming that cubic Bi6Ti5WO22 shows a metastable nature. The   employ of high-energy milling allows a reduction in both the   calcination temperature and time required to obtain a crystalline   sample (thereby reducing the Bi-losses by vaporization). As a   consequence a pure Bi6Ti5WO22 phase has been prepared which   remains stable up to temperatures around 800 ºC.

  Address (URL): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167577X1201734X