David G. Calatayud - The first complex of benzilbis(thiosemicarbazone) acting as bridging ligand only through the sulfur atom

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  Lopez-Torres, E, Calatayud, D G, Mendiola, M A, Pastor, C J,   Procopio, J R Zeitschrift fur Anorganische und Allgemeine   Chemie 2006 632 (15) 2471-2474

  Abstract: The first complex with   benzilbis(thiosemicarbazone) LH6 acting only as a bridge between   two metallic centres through the sulfur atoms, was obtained from   the reaction with methylmercury chloride. This complex shows a   1:2 ligand : mercury ratio and has been spectroscopically   characterized and recrystallized in toluene. The ligand acts as a   dianion, with an intermediate situation between cis and trans   dispositions, and it is bonded to both methylmercury moieties   through the sulfur atoms, giving a binuclear complex with linear   CS coordination for the mercury atoms.

  Address (URL): ISI:000242259000018