Science rewritten to accommodate its origin

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My chance discovery as an undergraduate at Cambridge UK in 1967 of a phase transition in proton ordered ice crystallized in liquid nitrogen  was recently corroborated. Ice XIc releases latent energy as ~4 micron infrared laser light at 72 K. Phosphodiester and hydrogen bonds absorb that wavelength. My research is based on a consistent model for the origin of life. 'Ice light' emitted by ice XIc on Earth's poles during a primordial ice age was polarized by multiple reflection. It activated nucleotides in tropical waters, creating a 'noodle soup' of chiral DNA.


'Transport DNA's, tDNAs analogous to transfer RNAs actively transported carrier-substrate complexes across Oparin's coacervate membranes, tDNA replication signaled life's beginning. Transport involves a set of trace elements specifically binding key metabolic components and an ice light driven ratchet mechanism. Dietary deficiencies of selenium, zinc, Ag, F, Cu, I, Mn, Mg and K severally account for mental and physical maladies. Supplements would improve public health.


'Minions' comprise 1,701 DNA base pairs bound to 189 anti-parallel beta-pleated sheet protein hairpins. They evolved to pack chromosomes for efficient replication, degrading to nucleosome core particles on extraction. 18*63 proton ordered H-bond arrays connecting amino acid omega-amines with phosphate groups are in constant flux. They're biological clocks with time unit T ~ 1.4 femtosec. Substituting T for Planck's constant accounts for quantum mechanics, uncertainty and big bang cosmology. Minions constitute 'chips in the brain', their H-bond configurations store 18-character 'words', accounting for human intelligence, memory storage and recall, information classification and personality better than neural networks.


Minion-based artificial intelligence and power generation emulating minion nuclear fusion and the resonant cavity energy coupling muscle contraction and photosynthesis invoke might facilitate diplomacy and resolve climate change. My book 'Science Uncoiled' will soon be published by Melrose.