Bassam Alameddine - Synthesis of Arylamine Tribenzopentaphenes and Investigation of their Hole Mobility

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  Alameddine, B., Rice, A.H., Luscombe, C., Jenny, T.A.   ChemistryOpen 4 453-456-

  Abstract: We report the versatile synthesis of   two tribenzo[fj,ij,rst]pentaphene (TBP) derivatives bearing two   diarylamine substituents attached at the opposite ends of the   aromatic core. Field effect transistor (FET) devices of the   bis-diarylamine-TBP compounds were fabricated using spin coating   under different concentrations, spin speed, and solvent   conditions. Emission spectra and surface investigation by atomic   force microscopy (AFM) reveal the formation of aggregates induced   by the strong p–p stacking of the aromatic core leading to island   features, and thus, unexpected low hole mobilities. The synthetic   strategy we show herein, however, offers the possibility to   decorate the TBP core structure with various charge-carrier   peripheral groups and optimized alkyl chains, which should   improve the crystalline property of their thin films upon   deposition, leading consequently to a better hole transport   mobility.

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