Christian Punckt - High frequency periodic forcing of the oscillatory catalytic CO oxidation on Pt (110)

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  Bodega, P. S., Kaira, P., Beta, C., Krefting, D., Bauer, D.,   Mirwald-Schulz, B., Punckt, C., Rotermund, H. H. 9 -

  Abstract: Resonant periodic forcing is applied   to catalytic CO oxidation on platinum (110) in the oscillatory   regime. The external parameters are chosen such that the   unperturbed system spontaneously develops chemical turbulence. By   periodically modulating the CO partial pressure, changes in the   spatiotemporal behaviour of the system can be induced: the   turbulent behaviour is suppressed and frequency locked patterns   with sub-harmonic entrainment develop. A novel gas-driving   compressor has been implemented to perform the experimental work.

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