Christian Punckt - Spreading of corrosion on stainless steel simultaneous observation of metastable pits and oxide film

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  Dornhege, M., Punckt, C., Hudson, J. L., Rotermund, H. H.   154 C24-C27-

  Abstract: In situ observations of pitting   corrosion as it spreads across the surface of stainless steel   were carried out. We apply two different imaging methods   simultaneously, viz., ellipsomicroscopy for visualizing changes   of surface film properties and contrast-enhanced microscopy for   monitoring nucleation and reactivation of metastable corrosion   pits. A correlation between oxide film weakening caused by   individual pits and the nucleation of subsequent pits was found.   The existence of front propagation as a component of the   transition to pitting corrosion shows that characteristics of   this process are consistent with the behavior of stochastic   reaction-diffusion systems and that the onset of corrosion is a   cooperative critical effect. (c) 2006 The Electrochemical   Society.

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