Christian Punckt - Pattern formation in 4 : 1 resonance of the periodically forced CO oxidation on Pt(110)

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  Kaira, Prabha, Bodega, Pablo S., Punckt, Christian, Rotermund,   Harm Hinrich, Krefting, Dagmar 77 -

  Abstract: Periodically forced oscillatory   reaction-diffusion systems may show complex spatiotemporal   patterns. At high-frequency resonant forcing, multiple-phase   patterns can be found. In the present work, the dynamics of   turbulent CO oxidation on Pt(110), forced with the fourth   harmonic of the system's natural frequency, is investigated.   Experiments result in subharmonic entrainment, where the system   locks to a quarter of the forcing frequency. Cluster patterns are   observed, where different parts of the pattern show a defined   phase difference. The experimental results are compared with   numerical simulations using the realistic Krischer-Eiswirth-Ertl   model for catalytic CO oxidation. Using the fourth harmonic of an   uncoupled surface element's natural frequency, we find 3:1   entrainment with three-phase cluster patterns in a wide parameter   range of forcing amplitudes and frequency detuning. Numerical   analysis of the spatially extended, turbulent system reveals a   remarkable upshift of the mean oscillation frequency compared to   homogeneous oscillations. Using the fourth harmonic of the most   prominent frequency found in the turbulent system results in   four-phase patterns with partial or full 4:1 entrainment,   depending on the forcing parameters chosen.

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