Christian Punckt - Intrinsic Capacitance and Redox Activity of Functionalized Graphene Sheets

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  Pope, Michael A., Punckt, Christian, Aksay, Ilhan A. 115  20326-20334-

  Abstract: We present a general method for   characterizing the intrinsic electrochemical properties of   graphene sheets, such as the specific double-layer capacitance,   in the absence of porosity-related artifacts and uncertainties.   By assembling densely tiled monolayers of electrically insulating   or conductive functionalized graphene sheets onto electrode   substrates (gold and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite), we   demonstrate our ability to isolate their intrinsic   electrochemical response in terms of surface-specific   double-layer capacitance and redox behavior. Using this system,   the electrochemical properties of various types of graphene can   be directly compared without the need to take into account   changes in electrode morphology and electrolyte accessibility   arising because of varying material properties.

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