Giovana Celli - Gastroretentive systems – a proposed strategy to modulate anthocyanin release and absorption for the management of diabetes

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  Authors: Giovana B Celli, Wilhelmina Kalt & Marianne Su-Ling   Brooks

  Drug Delivery 2016, DOI 10.3109/10717544.2016.1143058



  Several reports have indicated a positive correlation between the   consumption of anthocyanins (ACN) and biomarkers relating to the   improvement of type 2 diabetes (T2D). However, the results from   in vitro studies often do not translate into clinical evidence.   Potential causes of these discrepancies are experimental   conditions that lack physiological relevancy; extensive   degradation of these compounds in vivo due to changes in pH and   metabolism; and a short residence time in the absorption window   in relation to the absorption rate. Here, gastroretentive systems   (GRS) are proposed as a strategy to overcome the limitations in   ACN delivery and to reduce the existing bench-to-subject gap.   This review summarizes recent literature on the use of ACN for   the management and control of T2D, followed by GRS platforms to   promote a sustained release of ACN for increased health benefits.

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