Giovana Celli - Creating teaching champions: taking the graduate teaching experience outside the classroom

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  Authors: Jill M. McSweeney, Nayha Acharya, Giovana B. Celli,   Colin Jackson, Marissa Ley & Raghav V. Sampangi

  Proceedings of the 2014 AAU Teaching Showcase, vol. XVIII, pp.   49-52


  Teaching and learning is a critical component of professional   development in graduate school. However, it is often overlooked   and undervalued by students, who focus on developing research   skills and projects in their disciplinary fields. While many   universities offer teaching development opportunities (e.g.,   workshops or certificates), there is often an absence of student   community and networking focused on teaching. To facilitate   deeper engagement with teaching and learning and more thoughtful   teaching practices, the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at   Dalhousie University created the CLT Champions Program in 2013.   The Champions are a group of graduate students from different   faculties who meet monthly to discuss peer-reviewed literature   and research on teaching theory and practice, and develop   student-led initiatives to promote teaching and learning efforts   across the campus. The program has attracted a group of   passionate students who share their challenges and successes with   teaching, and provide peer support and mentorship for each other.   This session will first discuss building an interdisciplinary   community around teaching and learning, and empowering graduate   students through their development as teachers. Then, the   Champions will share their own experiences from their   disciplinary lenses (e.g., Law, Health Promotion) and how the   program has had benefits beyond teaching. To conclude,   participants will be asked to reflect on the involvement of   graduate students in teaching and learning at their own   institutions and how student-led programs can help create further   professional development and growth.

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