Giovana Celli - Influence of Freezing Process and Frozen Storage on Fruits and Fruit Products Quality

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  Authors: Giovana B. Celli, Amyl Ghanem & Marianne Su-Ling   Brooks

  Food Reviews International, DOI 10.1080/87559129.2015.1075212


  The effects of freezing and frozen storage on bioactive compounds   in fruit products have not been completely elucidated and the   outcomes are often contradictory. Given the wide range of   results, the aim of this review is to explore the effects of   freezing, thawing, and storage conditions on the physicochemical   quality of fruit products, including the phytochemical content.   We also discuss how growing and environmental conditions can   affect the freezing process and product quality. Studies show   that cultivar selection, pre-harvest factors, and ripening stage   are important factors that contribute to the freezing performance   and the quality of fruit products.

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