Mariana Fraga - Silicon Carbide in Microsystem Technology — Thin Film Versus Bulk Material

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  Mariana Amorim Fraga, Matteo Bosi and Marco Negri (2015). Silicon   Carbide in Microsystem Technology — Thin Film Versus Bulk   Material, Advanced Silicon Carbide Devices and Processing, Dr.   Stephen Saddow (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-2168-8, InTech, DOI:   10.5772/60970. Available from: silicon-carbide-in-microsystem-technology-thin-film-versus-bulk-material


    This chapter looks at the role of silicon carbide (SiC) in   microsystem technology. It starts with an introduction into the   wide bandgap (WBG) materials and the properties that make them   potential candidates to enable the development of harsh   environment microsystems. The future commercial success of WBG   microsystems depends mainly on the availability of high-quality   materials, well-established microfabrication processes, and   economic viability. In such aspects SiC platform, in relation to   other WBG materials, provides a clear and competitive advantage.   The reasons for this will be detailed. Furthermore, the current   status of the SiC thin film and bulk material technologies will   also be discussed. Both SiC material forms have played important   roles in different microsystem types.

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