Mariana Fraga - Nanostructured thin films based on TiO2 and/or SiC for use in photoelectrochemical cells: A review of the material characteristics, synthesis and recent applications

Document created by Mariana Fraga on Feb 12, 2016
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    In solar energy harvesting research, there is growing interest in   the study of photoelectrochemical (PEC) properties of the   following classes of semiconductor materials: metal oxides and   silicon-based compounds. The motivation is that such materials   are being successfully used as photoelectrode in PEC cells.   Special attention has been given to the wide band gap materials.   This review discusses, from the material science perspective, the   recent literature relating to two wide band gap semiconductor   materials: one metal oxide, titanium dioxide   (TiO2),   and one silicon-based compound, silicon carbide (SiC). Emphasis   is placed on TiO2 and   SiC thin films for PEC applications. Materials characteristics,   synthesis methods and recent photocatalytic applications are   presented. Finally, the interesting effect of the efficiency   increase of PEC devices developed from a hetero-junction of   TiO2 and   SiC is discussed.

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