Mariana Fraga - Fabrication and characterization of a SiC/SiO2/Si piezoresistive pressure sensor

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Fraga,   M.A. 
Furlan,   H.
Massi,   M.
Oliveira,   I.C.
Koberstein,   L.L.

Fabrication and characterization of a SiC/SiO2/Si piezoresistive pressure sensor. 

  •     Procedia EngineeringVolume     52010Pages 609-612 


    In this work, we report the fabrication and characterization of a   SiC/SiO2/Si   piezoresistive pressure sensor. The sensor structure consists of   six PECVD SiC thin-film piezoresistors configured in Wheatstone   bridge on a thermally oxidized micromachined silicon diaphragm.   In order to fabricate this sensor, three lithographic masks were   designed: one to define the square diaphragm   (1800 μm×1800 μm), another for the piezoresistors and   the third for the Ti/Au metal lines. The diaphragm was formed by   anisotropic etching of Si in KOH solution and the piezoresistors   by reactive ion etching (RIE) of SiC. The sensor chip size is   4.5 mm×4.5 mm. It was bonded on an alumina substrate   using silicone and an aluminum cup was used for protection. The   output voltage of the sensor was measured for applied pressure   ranging from 0 to 12 psi and voltage suply of 12V.

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