Mariana Fraga - Applications of SiC-Based Thin Films in Electronic and MEMS Devices

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  Mariana Amorim Fraga, Rodrigo Sávio Pessoa, Marcos Massi and   Homero Santiago Maciel (2012). Applications of SiC-Based Thin   Films in Electronic and MEMS Devices, Physics and Technology of   Silicon Carbide Devices, Dr. Yasuto Hijikata (Ed.), ISBN:   978-953-51-0917-4, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/50998. Available from: s/applications-of-sic-based-thin-films-in-electronic-and-mems-devices


    The goal of this chapter is to discuss the role of in situ   incorporation of nitrogen, oxygen, aluminum, boron, phosphorus   and argon on the properties of SiC films. Special attention is   given to the low temperature SiC growth processes. An overview on   the applications of SiC-based thin films in electronic and MEMS   devices is presented and discussed. Our recent researches on   heterojunction diodes and MEMS sensors are emphasized.

  Address (URL): s/applications-of-sic-based-thin-films-in-electronic-and-mems-devices