Mariana Fraga - Technology roadmap for development of SiC sensors at plasma processes laboratory

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    Fraga, Mariana Amorim;   Pessoa, Rodrigo Sávio ; Maciel,   Homero Santiago ; Massi,   Marcos ;   Oliveira, Ivo de Castro . Technology roadmap for development of   SiC sensors at plasma processes laboratory. Journal of Aerospace   Technology and Management (Online),   v. 2, p. 219-224, 2010.


    Recognizing the need to consolidate the research and development   (R&D) activities in microelectronics fields in a strategic   manner, the Plasma Processes Laboratory of the Technological   Institute of Aeronautics (LPP-ITA) has established a technology   roadmap to serve as a guide for activities related to development   of sensors based on silicon carbide (SiC) thin films. These   sensors have also potential interest to the aerospace field due   to their ability to operate in harsh environment such as high   temperatures and intense radiation. In the present paper, this   roadmap is described and presented in four main sections: i)   introduction, ii) what we have already done in the past, iii)   what we are doing in this moment, and iv) our targets up to 2015.   The critical technological issues were evaluated for different   categories: SiC deposition techniques, SiC processing techniques   for sensors fabrication and sensors characterization. This   roadmap also presents a shared vision of how R&D activities   in microelectronics should develop over the next five years in   our laboratory.

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