Mariana Fraga - Argon incorporation on silicon carbide thin films deposited by bias co-sputtering technique

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  MEDEIROS, H. S. ; PESSOA, R. S. ; FRAGA,   M. A. ; SANTOS,   L. V. ; MACIEL,   H. S. ; MASSI,   M. ; DA SILVA   SOBRINHO, A. S. .   Argon incorporation on silicon carbide thin films deposited by   bias co-sputtering technique. MRS Proceedings,   v. 1433, p. mrss12-1433-h04-x, 2012.


    The influence of negative substrate bias on the chemical,   electrical and mechanical properties of silicon carbide (SiC)   thin films deposited onto (100) silicon substrate by dc magnetron   cosputtering without external substrate heating is reported.   These studies were performed by using the following techniques:   Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS), profilometry, Raman   spectroscopy, four-point probe method and nanoindentation. The   results indicate that there is a good correlation between the   substrate bias voltage and the argon incorporation into SiC film,   namely, the SiC films deposited under substrate bias of –200 V   and –300 V have higher argon content and higher elastic modulus   and hardness than those deposited at 0 V. An opposite behavior   was found for electrical resistivity: the SiC deposited at –300 V   has resistivity of 0.45 Ω.cm whereas the deposited at 0 V has 7.0   Ω.cm.

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