Steven Spurgeon - Thickness-dependent crossover from charge- to strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling in ferromagnetic / piezoelectric oxide heterostructures.

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      Spurgeon,       S.R., Sloppy, J.D., Kepaptsoglou, D.M., Balachandran, P.V.,       Nejati, S., Karthik, J., Damodaran, A.R., Johnson, C.L.,       Ambaye, H., Goyette, R., Lauter, V., Ramasse, Q.M., Idrobo,       J.C., Lau, K.K.S., Lo and, S.E., Rondinelli, J.M., Martin,       L.W., and M.L. Taheri. “Thickness-dependent       crossover from charge- to strain-mediated magnetoelectric       coupling in ferromagnetic / piezoelectric oxide       heterostructures.” ACS       Nano,       8.1. (2014): 894–903.       DOI:10.1021/nn405636c    


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