P Senthamil Selvan - Impact of Hemidesmus Indicus on Mosquito Coil Exposed Rat

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      JMPS 2015; 3(6): 19-23

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      Received: 08-09-2015

      Accepted: 10-10-2015




      PG & Research Department of

      Biochemistry, Maruthupandiyar

      College, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu,



      Environmental pollution and its impact on human being have well   recognized during few decades. The

      role of air pollutants causing health hazards substances are   distributed widely in ecosystems due to

      diverse human activities. Mosquito coils are widely used as   mosquito repellent. The major active

      ingredients of most mosquito coil are pyrethrins. The combustion   of mosquito coils generates large

      amounts of sub-micrometer particles and gaseous pollutants. These   particles and cause the potential

      toxicological effects of the smoke on mammals. This study   therefore aims to investigate the toxicological

      effects of mosquito coil smoke in rats with hope that the results   would provide a guide line for proper use

      of these coils

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