P Senthamil Selvan - Analysis of bioactive compounds in ethanol extracts Argemone mexicane plant seeds using GC-MS techniques

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      Volume : 5 | Issue : 5 | May 2015 | ISSN - 2249-555X




      Research scholar PG & Research Department   of Biochemistry,

      Maruthupandiyar college,


      Tamilndu, India




      Nature created plant in the world of every cilment and there is   cure every disease and man has to find it

      .The bioactive compound of Argemone mexicane seeds has been   evaluated using GC-MS. The chemical

      composition of the extract of Argemone mexicane seed were   investigated using Gas Chromatography –Mass spectrometry

      .The analysis was carried out with the methanol extracted of the   dried plant seeds. This study result concluded

      that the A. Mexicana have a more phytoconstituents

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