Marios Katsiotis - Unexpected orbital magnetism in Bi-rich Bi2Se3 nanoplatelets

Document created by Marios Katsiotis on May 22, 2016
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  NPG Asia Materials (2016) 8, e271;   doi:10.1038/am.2016.56


  The discovery of two-dimensional electron gas states with giant   Rashba spin splitting (RSS) in electron-doped three-dimensional   topological insulators (TIs) uncovered new fascinating physics   and raised hopes for novel spintronic devices. Significant   challenges, including synthetic constraints and control of the   magnetic properties, must be addressed before any breakthroughs   are possible. Here, we show how RSS in Bi-rich   Bi2Se3  nanoplatelets is responsible for the appearance of remarkable   orbital magnetic properties, as observed using magnetization and   conduction electron spin resonance experiments and confirmed by   theoretical simulations. In view of the strong spin-orbit   coupling (SOC) and the proximity to the TI surface states, this   discovery enlightens fundamental aspects of SOC-based   functionalities of TI materials with aims for future   applications.

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