Dene Taylor - 3D Printing with UV:  Prototypes and Production

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     Proceedings of Radtech 2014, Rosemont IL, May 2014




  With Vince Cahill

  1.   3D Printing has the World’s Attention for Beauty & Function  

  ·          Distinguish Additive Manufacturing and Print Decorating

  ·          Can Produce Structures Previously Not Possible

  ·          Can Produce Limited Runs in Hours vs. Days for Traditional   Methods

  1.   Ink Jet Technologies  

  ·          Systems for Very Small to Very Large

  ·          With UV Cure Inks, Sizable Range of Polymers Available

  ·          Aqueous Inks in Combination with Layered Powders Produce both   Positive & Negative Structures

  ·          Much Development Underway

  1.   Quality Management  

  ·          Products/Parts Must Perform Comparably to Traditional Production   Methods

  ·          How can Operator Produce Quality Item on First Attempt?

  1.   Examples from Art & Industry    
    •       Structures and Functions      
    •       Graphic Arts and the 3rd Dimension      

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